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West Boulevard Allotment

Created by Ohio History Service Corps on June 1st 2020, 9:20:37 pm.

The West Boulevard Allotment subdivision was a carefully planned neighborhood within Cleveland’s Parks and Boulevards system, an ambitious scheme to connect Cleveland’s parks with wide, spacious boulevards and parkways. West Boulevard begins as an entrance to Edgewater Park; it was supposed to connect to Brookside Park in the south, but that plan was not ultimately realized. However, the numerous mature trees, far setbacks and high standard of architecture on West Boulevard are living testaments to this important era of city planning in American history. Most of the homes were built in a construction boom between 1910-1920. People driving up and down the boulevard are still greeted by a pleasant rhythm of gable roofs, generous porches, and green lawns. Since 2000, this section of West Boulevard has enjoyed the distinction of being part of the Clifton & West Boulevard Historic District.