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Dr. Joseph E. Reichert was Schleisingerville's doctor from 1890 to 1910. The house was possibly built by Dr. Meyer Rosenheimer in the 1880's. After Dr. Reichert left it was owned by Dr. Phillip Kauth, later by Jacob Eiche and then Phibeon Neighbor. It is now a 3 family apartment. This home has been the residence of the majority of the village doctors. Dr. Meyer Rosenheimer practiced here until 1888, Dr. J. E. Richert until 1909, Dr. Phillip Kauth 1909 until 1929 when Dr. Kenneth Prefontaine made his residence there until moving to his present office in 1934. The son of Philip Kauth, Dr. Charles Kauth made his home there until 1942 when Jacob Eiche purchased it from the Kauth family.

This photograph shows the Doctor with his daughters Margaret and Dorothy and wife Barbara (nee Rosenheimer).

Wheel, Building, Plant, Horse

Plant, Building, Window, Tree