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The School Exhibit Room commemorates the history of education in Harrison County. Though the county once boasted over one hundred schools, that number has now shrunk to a quarter of the original institutions due to consolidation. Artifacts range from the nineteenth century through the twentieth, and include furniture, garments, and paper materials. Some highlights of the collection include a coal stove once used to heat a one-room schoolhouse. The teacher would have had to arrive well before the students in order to begin heating the room. Another significant object is a diploma from West Virginia University awarded to Charles W. Lynch in 1874. You might have some trouble reading it however, as it is written in Latin. In this entry’s audio clip, museum president Michael Spatafore discusses these objects and more in the context of Harrison County’s historical schools.

Students outside a one-room schoolhouse in Harrison County, ca. 1900-1917.

Outerwear, Window, Coat, Table

Objects from a one room schoolhouse.

Furniture, Wood, Table, Interior design

A see-saw from a now demolished school.

Wood, Picture frame, Flooring, Floor

A desk with many educational artifacts. The large poster on the wall depicts the Victory High School graduating class of 1948.

Picture frame, Table, Font, Wood

Charles W. Lynch’s diploma from West Virginia University. The diploma was awarded in 1874 and is written in Latin.

Rectangle, Font, Handwriting, Picture frame

The History of Education in West Virginia. Revised Edition. Charleston, WV. Tribune Printing Company, 1907.

Personal interview with Michael Spatafore, museum president. Conducted by Iain MacKay. March 2nd, 2021. 

Washington Irving H.S. 100 Years of Education, Harrison County Historical Society. Winter 2014. Accessed March 8th 2021.

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MacKay, Iain. 2021. Courtesy of author.

MacKay, Iain. 2021. Courtesy of author.

MacKay, Iain. 2021. Courtesy of author.

MacKay, Iain. 2021. Courtesy of author.