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Dominion Energy has been a powerful economic and philanthropic force in the Clarksburg area for almost as long as the city itself has existed. Many generations of Clarksburg natives have worked for Dominion Energy or its subsidiaries providing power to the area. In addition to providing jobs in Harrison County, Dominion Energy has also cultivated a reputation for philanthropy, especially involving education. The Dominion Energy exhibit includes a variety of display cases and artifacts donated by Dominion Energy that showcase the company’s history in Harrison County. In this entry’s audio clip, Dominion Energy external affairs employee Christine Mitchell recounts some of her former and present impressions of Dominion Energy and its impact on the local community.

Dominion Energy display case.

Furniture, Table, Shelf, Shelving

Artifacts and images from Dominion’s history

Picture frame, Property, Wood, Drawer

A ball furnace from 1892.

Automotive tire, Motor vehicle, Wood, Bumper

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Personal interview with Dominion Energy external affairs employee, Christine Mitchell. Conducted by Iain MacKay. March 2nd, 2021.

Personal interview with Michael Spatafore, museum president. Conducted by Iain MacKay. March 2nd, 2021.

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MacKay, Iain. 2021. Courtesy of author.

MacKay, Iain. 2021. Courtesy of author.

MacKay, Iain. 2021. Courtesy of author.