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Founded in 1926 by educator Martha Berry, this liberal arts college is home to the largest contiguous campus with more than 26,000 acres. The campus also includes a 5,300-acre National Register Historic District with over 120 contributing properties. Among those resources is Oak Hill, the founder's home, which has been preserved as a museum.

  • Martha Berry and students at the Girls' School, c. 1920
  • Oak Hill, former home of Berry College founder Martha Berry, is now home to a campus museum that is open to the public.
  • Martha Berry established rural schools for children in the rural South before founding this four-year liberal arts college.
  • The campus is the largest single campus in the United States. This photo depicts Ford Dining Hall in the foreground.
Martha Berry dedicated her life to creating schools for the children of tenant farmers throughout this section of Georgia. She opened her first school on land provided by her family. Soon, her educational mission generated attention and support among leading reformers and others associated with the Progressive Movement of the early 20th century. From a series of one-room schoolhouses, Berry was able to create this college in the the 1920s.
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