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The Slave Relic Museum is dedicated to preserving and promoting the history and culture of African Americans during the antebellum period. To this end, the museum houses authentic artifacts used and created by slaves. It also serves as a repository for documents, memorabilia and photographs. Some of these items include books, quilts, artwork, and handmade beds. The dark side of slavery is also represented as depicted by shackles, whips and branding irons. Two recreated slave cabins are also The quality of the collection is so good that it has attracted the Smithsonian Institution, National Geographic, and other organizations. It was even featured in the PBS show "The African Americans, Many Rivers to Cross," hosted by Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates.

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The museum was founded by former antique dealer, Danny Drain. He spent several years collecting items before opening the museum sometime around 2000 (or perhaps earlier).
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