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Spark! Imagination and Science Center is a hands-on museum providing educational exhibits for children 1 - 12 years of age. The mission of Spark! Imagination and Science Center is to inspire children and their grown-ups to explore, discover and grow together through exceptional learning experiences and interactive play. Spark! is located inside the Mountaineer Mall at 5000 Green Bag Road.

  • Overview of engineering area. Credit: Immanuel and Rae Photography
  •  Eureka! Science Center. Credit: Spark! Imagination and Science Center

In 1998, a group of parents and teachers decided to work towards building a children’s museum in Morgantown. To begin this adventure, they created the not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) organization “Recreational Opportunities For All Young Kids Initiative, Inc” (ROFAYKI). In 2002, ROFAYKI opened “The Fun Factory,” a play space for pre-school children and their caregivers.

Recreational Opportunities For All Young Kids, Inc.'s mission is to develop and support educational opportunities for children and their families through exhibits and activities that support active discovery based learning. Spark! Imagination and Science Center is a new initiative designed to improve the effectiveness of community outreach and to intensify the level of programming to address the educational needs of children in the region. Spark! provides educational and play experiences that promote children’s natural curiosity and wonder in critical learning areas such as science, history, math and the arts. It supports parents and caregivers in their desire to actively participate in their children’s learning and offer opportunities for outreach to children and families.

In February of 2011 the Fun Factory changed its name and focus to become the Children’s Discovery Museum of West Virginia (CDMWV). As Board and staff recognized that much of its work was science related, the museum embarked on a renovation and re-branding. In 2016, the CDMWV became Spark! Imagination and Science Center. 

The Hands-On Science Area inspires visitors to discover physics, engineering, math, and logic through interactive activities. The exhibit includes materials to explore magnetism, robotics, circuits, gravity, and more. This area of the Museum is for children 5 years old and up and their grown-ups.

Visitors can explore Nanoscience and Space Weather in the Eureka! Science Center, practice engineering skills in the Engineer It! Exhibit, play dress-up and do a puppet show in the Imagination Station and so much more.

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