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The Greater Forest Park Conservation Initiative (GFPCI) is a 20-year collaborative strategy to enhance and protect over 15,000 acres of public and private land within the Greater Forest Park Ecosystem. In 2011, the Conservancy launched two demonstration projects involving habitat restoration both inside Forest Park and on adjacent private lands. As we move toward full implementation, FPC has coordinated communication and collaboration among several committed agency and organizational partners now known as the Forest Park Alliance, committing to the conservation of regional habitats in partnership with the local greater Portland community. Through this initiative we will add value to public investments by ensuring the park's natural resources and surrounding connected habitats are protected and preserved for generations to come.

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Forest Park is unique in that it is connected to a vast wilderness ecosystem, yet is entirely located within a major metropolitan area. Forest Park sequesters carbon and provides cool, clean water important to fish and other wildlife in the Lower Willamette River watershed. This location is what makes Forest Park such an important component of our region's ecological well-being, but it also exposes the park to environmental pressures that come from dense human population.

Habitat restoration in Forest Park and the surrounding area focuses on re-establishing native plant communities where invasive plants have taken hold. Common landscaping plants such as English ivy and invasive weedy trees like English holly have found their way into the forest by way of birds, pets and people. These unwelcome invaders can dominate areas of the forest, supplanting the native flora that supports wildlife and disrupting the fragile web of biodiversity the area's fish and other wildlife rely upon.

The Forest Park Conservancy has been working alongside Portland Parks & Recreation for many years to remove the threat of these invasive species and support an environment that is welcoming not only to the host of native plants and animals, but to people as well.


By implementing the Greater Forest Park Conservation Initiative, the Forest Park Alliance is working to protect biodiversity and increase connectivity between Forest Park and the Oregon Coast Range. The GFPCI Master Planning Document includes specific goals, objectives and strategies that will provide a road map for habitat enhancement over the next 20 years for Forest Park, adjacent private lands, and lands managed for conservation within the Greater Forest Park ecosystem.