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Built in 1885, this two story frame structure was a center of teacher training and local education for decades. The St. George Academy building is an excellent example of an older school building in Tucker County, and one of the only school buildings with this plan in the state of West Virginia. The exterior and interior retain their original material in high integrity representing the best the best if the architectural and construction techniques from the era in which it was built. This building is utilized as a local history museum and maintained by the St. George Foundation.

  • St. George Academy was constructed in the late 19th century and now serves as a local history museum.
  • St. George Academy
  • WV Historical Marker

The St. George Academy was constructed by Daniel L. Dumire. Construction finished in the following year, and the private school opened for educational purposes. The structure was sold to the Board of Education in 1893 for use as a public elementary school. Children from the community attended the school through first grade to eighth grade.

Another school was built behind the academy in 1975, and the St. George Academy was closed and ordered to be demolished or moved in 1982. Robert Gott Phillips, a member of a local historical society, moved the structure to its current location in 1985.

The West Virginia Historical Commission sponsored the historical marker for the academy. The school was added to the National Register of Historic Places on November 29, 2001, and it now has a history museum inside. It is operated by the St. George Preservation Society.

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