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This is the headquarters of the Ozark National Scenic Riverway, which was established along the Current and Jacks Fork Rivers in 1971. The first national park to protect a river system, it encompasses 80,000 acres and affords visitors opportunities to participate in a number of activities, the most popular of which are canoeing, kayaking, camping, and hiking. The Riverway is known for its beauty and for having a number of the largest springs in the country (there are also hundreds of smaller springs), including the aptly named Big Spring, from which over 400 cubic feet of water flows every second. There are many historic sites as well including mills, one-room schools, cemeteries, ranches, and Big Spring Historic District, which features buildings constructed by workers of the Civilian Conservation Corps (commonly known as the CCC). The headquarters building doubles as a visitor center and features exhibits on the history and resources of the Riverway and Ozarks, and a film about the history of the Current River.

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Photo: Mike Smith/KSMU-FM