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The Brady Bunch was an iconic American television family sitcom that aired for five seasons from 1969-1974. Sherwood Schwartz was the creator and producer and it aired on ABC. At the time it was taboo to discuss divorce or children from previous marriages. The Bradys broke barriers by joining two families with three kids of their own each. The show tracked their day-to-day lives and the struggles of blended families. It is also the second most photographed home in the U.S.

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At first no major networks would pick up The Brady Bunch. Eventually in 1968 ABC signed on and Sherwood Schwartz began casting actors and actresses. Robert Reed was cast as the father, Mike Brady, and his on-screen wife would be Florence Henderson as Carol Brady. Mike had three sons from a prior marriage: Greg Brady (Barry Williams), Peter Brady (Christopher Knight), and Bobby Brady (Mike Lookinland). Carol had three daughters, Marcia Brady (Maureen McCormick), Jan Brady (Eve Plumb), and Cindy Brady (Susan Olsen). Mike had a housekeeper that would live in house with them, Alice (Ann B. Davis).

The pilot episode, "The Honeymoon", premiered on September 26, 1969. The show ran for 117 episodes until the series ended on March 8, 1974 with the oldest, Greg Brady, graduating high school. Since then the Bradys have gotten together a few times for Christmas specials, but most recently they made headlines with HGTV when they remodeled the entire Brady house to match its appearance from the show.

Anyone whose watched The Brady Bunch knows of the iconic front view of the home displayed at the beginning of each episode. However, none of the show was actually filmed inside the house; it was just used as the display. The house was originally constructed in 1959 by an architect named Harry M. Londelius with over 2,500 square feet and two bedrooms and three bathrooms. Londelius would never get to see the fate of his iconic home; he passed away in 1960, nine years before the series premiered. The Brady home went on the market for the first time in 50 years in July 2018. HGTV purchased it the next month for $3.5 million. It is currently not open to the public.

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