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The Sanibel Lighthouse is a relatively small and old lighthouse built in 1884 by requests of residents at the time. Lit with kerosene, the house was under the care of 3 different caretakers before hurricanes made it unsafe and it became fully automated by 1949. It still stands today though the public cannot access the inside.

The Sanibel Lighthouse was built and lit in 1884 after several requests by residents to build a lighthouse to promote trade and visits before and after the civil war. After the $50,000 was raised to fund the project, it was built and ran with kerosene oil. Hurricanes made the structure rust and deteriorate over time, so the keeper at the time, Bob England, had to leave and it became automated in 1949. Today it serves as an important landmark for Sanibel residents, and though it is not open to the public, many visitors stop by the beach to take a look.

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