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Started in 1992, the MidBay Bridge in Destin was completed in 1993. It is a 3.6 mile bridge that connects neighboring cities Niceville and Destin. It was built for two main reasons. First, the city needed a more direct access to the beaches for tourists. Also, they needed a more accessible escape hurricane route.The people of Destin celebrated the bridge's 25th anniversary in 2018.

pictures of full bridge from nearby restaurant

pictures of full bridge from nearby restaurant

One of Destin's most important constructional sites is the MidBay Bridge. It is credited to Walter F. Spence for its creation. To start, funding was issued at 83 million dollars from bonds. It was made to bridge the gab between Niceville and Destin, Florida. Being a high tourist attraction, the city needed a way for guests to better access the beaches and sites wanted to be seen. Also, being in a high hurricane area, the city needed a better escape route for citizens.

Tolls originally started at two dollars for one way across. As of October, 2015, this price doubled to four dollars for one way because the bridge is in significant debt. The original plan had the bridge paid off in 2023, but the bridge experienced some hiccups that required renovation. It is now in over 200 million dollars of debt. This bridge is essential top transporting the 4.5 annual visitors and citizens to and from Destin.

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This article talks about the anniversary for the acclaimed "Bridge to Nowhere. “It talks about its economic benefit for the city of Destin as well as the surrounding cities’ bridge was funded by $83 million dollars. It says that the current ratee for getting out of debt for bridge expansions and regular treatment is 2040. It also talks about the growth of traffic because of Destin's new bridge. The bridge also provided needed relief during hurricane season as a main escape route.

           I think this is very helpful to my research about the Destin Mid Bay Bridge. It talks about how this bridge has grown and why it was important for both the economy and civilian safety. It also talks about celebrating the bridge's 25th anniversary.  It also discusses how much it cost to initially build the bridge. This article is unique because it talks about the debt the bridge has found itself in and the delays for when it will be fully paid off. I think the source is credible because it comes from a local newspaper article I found online. 

McLaughlin, T. (2015, September 12). A Bridge In Debt. Retrieved from NWF Daily News:

This article talks about why the bridge has been a benefit to this area’s economy. There were, at first, many skeptics saying it was a bridge to "nowhere." This was quickly proven wrong as tourists swarmed the area. It also talks about the debt the bridge has fallen over in the past twenty years. This bridge was built in 1993 paid for in bond sales. Original plans had the bridge paid off by 2023 with a $2 fee for using the bridge. With expansion, this has been thrown off and expanded the debt.

           I think this source is useful to my research because it gives background information on the economy before Destin built thee Mid Bay bridge. it talks about different attitudes towards it while the plan was in progress. It talks about the necessary raising of toll fees over the years to pay for unexpected debt brought on by needed improvements to the bridge. I think the source is credible because it comes from a local newspaper article accessed online.