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This building is available to registered guests only. Built in 1914, it replaced the 1836 Courthouse as the town’s school building. The more modern two-story brick structure four classrooms and an auditorium on the second floor. It was built on the former site of John Eakin’s residence and overlooked the valley where the railroad passed by Washington. In the late 1930s, as it looked more and more like the county seat would move to Hope, the school district decided not to have the Works Progress Administration build a gym next to the schoolhouse, but behind the 1874 Courthouse where the school would relocate after the county offices were vacated. When Historic Washington State Park was established in 1973, the building served as the park’s offices and Visitor Information Center. After the VIC moved to the 1874 Courthouse, the schoolhouse was renovated and is now a single-day and overnight group rental facility with beds, conference rooms, and an auditorium.