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George Steinbrenner Field is a baseball stadium located in Tampa Florida. The field is used by the New York Yankees during spring training. During the regular season, the New York Yankees Minor League affiliate Tampa Tarpons. The field was built in 1996. It was named after former Yankees owner, George Steinbrenner.

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George Steinbrenner Field has a lot of historical importance. It has served as the Yankees home for spring training. Spring training is used in Major League Baseball where teams play in warmer places and in close proximity to other teams. They use this time to get ready for the upcoming season. They both hold practices here and play scrimmage games here. Some famous yankees that have played at this field include: Derek Jeter, Aaron Judge, and CC Sabathia. The Yankees have won the most world series titles in all of baseball with 27 in total.

George Steinbrenner Field was of course named after George Steinbrenner. Steinbrenner served as the owner of the Yankees from 1973-2010. George Steinbrenner died in 2010. Steinbrenner originally purchased the Yankees in 1973 with some other investors for 1.5 billion dollars. George Steinbrenner won many World Series titles. The name of this field has a lot of historical value because of George Steinbrenner.

Currently, the Tampa Tarpons are the minor league affiliate of the yankees that play at the stadium during the regular season. In 2018 the team changed their name from the Tampa Yankees to the Tampa Tarpons. The Tarpons were an old minor league team that was located in Tampa. The team decided to re-name the team in honor of the old Tarpons

Overall, George Steinbrenner Field has served as a historical place because of all of the legendary players that have played there. It is a beautiful stadium that allows fans to get close to their favorite players. It is a great facility stadium that can host the Yankees and other Major League teams and also Minor League Teams. Along with being a developmental place for minor leaguers. The name George Steinbrenner also adds a lot of value to the stadium as it honors one of the greatest owners in Major League Baseball history.

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