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Welcome to where UCLA has only one team in this stadium. The team that plays in this stadium is the UCLA Bruins softball team. The stadium opened in 1994. UCLA is part of the PAC-12 conference. This stadium, holds 1,328 people for attendance for a game during the season the team plays at home.

The first time that this stadium was open and ready for the Bruins to compete in was back February 19, 1994. The name Easton comes from a person who funded the softball team to improve it. Back in April 4, 2016 there were two guys that decided to fund the team with a donation of $2 million dollars. This included a new scoreboard and the on-campus home of the 11 time national softball champion team. Since the Easton decided to donate $2 million that there names would get put on the scoreboard.

The names of the two Easton's are Jim and Phyllis. They have helped out with the UCLA sports programs a good amount of times in the past but Jim and Phyllis are the top two. Jim Easton said, “It is an honor and pleasure to continue our support of UCLA Athletics with a new scoreboard and improvements at Easton Stadium…home of the top collegiate softball program in the country, we celebrate their success. Go Bruins!

Phyllis was also happy that the are able to still support the Bruins as long as they live for they just want to help out with whatever is necessary to keep the softball athletic program in tip top shape. Now that UCLA has the donation they can upgrade their field into an actual stadium and have more people to be able to attend games and enjoy softball.

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