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If you followed the earlier part of this tour, you saw examples of mill housing on Yadkin Avenue associated with the Highland Park #3 Mill. Houses along 37th street represent a slightly different architectural style and were constructed as worker housing for the Johnston and Mecklenburg Mill Village in North Charlotte.

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Northside millhouses had some slight variances to the southside houses. The front porch was off-centered and were 4 room structures with no closets or indoor plumbing. The houses originally were built with dirt floors, and many people would share the bedrooms.  

Millhouse living was the best way to go in the early 1900s. Workers at the mills worked 6 days a week and returned a large portion of their pay back to the mill owners for them to live in their mill house. It made sense to have as many people as possible working at the mill from your house, just to make sure you had a little extra money at the end of the week.