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This historic home was built in 1886 by its namesake, William Doyle Morgan, who served as mayor from 1891-1906. Morgan was responsible for the city's growth, modernization, and increasing prosperity at the turn-of-the-century. The house is a beautiful example of Georgian architecture and appears to be a private residence today.

The William Doyle Morgan House was built in 1886 by its namesake, who served as Georgetown's mayor between 1891 to 1906.

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During his tenure as mayor, William Doyle Morgan oversaw the modernization of the city's infrastructure. Thanks to his leadership, a water and sewage system was built, electric lights were installed, and streets and sidewalks were paved. He also led the effort to deepen Winyah Bay to facilitate larger ship traffic and had jetties built as well. In addition, Morgan also established the Bank of Georgetown in 1891 and served as its president until 1927. He also played a large role in the construction of St. Mary's Catholic Church, which was erected in 1901. When Morgan retired, residents gave him a silver punch bowl in appreciation for his efforts. Morgan Park is named after him. He died in 1938.

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