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Once the home of the most notable politicians from Arkansas, this dwelling features architectural styles from the Colonial time period. Nominated for the National Register for Historic Places in 1975 this stunning structure served as the meeting place for high ranking officials such as presidents and other senate members. The Joseph Robinson Taylor House offers an insight into the life of the first Arkansas to be nominated on a major party ticket for vice president. A high ranking member of the Senate Joseph Taylor spent his life advocating for a better America in some of the darkest of times.

Gov. Joseph Taylor Robinson

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The Joseph Taylor Robinson House

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The Joseph Taylor Robinson house was once home to an AR state Governor and senate member Joseph Taylor Robinson. Robinson who was an influential politician from 1895-1937 lived in the home until his death. The house would be owned by the Robinson Family until the early 1970s. 

This two and a half story house which is composed of a wooden frame and consists of a total four chimneys rests on a brick and granite foundation. The main facade of the house features a full length porch and is supported by three square granite columns. The interior of the house can be described as “wealth of high quality”  in both the woodwork and layout. Connecting the living room and dining room is two large sliding doors made from buried pine, a definite expense given the time period. The entry columns in the main room were said to be constructed from tree trucks. The property also has a carriage house which was constructed with the same material as the house. This home was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1994. 

Born in Lonoke County on August 26th 1872, Joseph Taylor Robinson attended the University of Fayetteville and the law department of the University of Virginia at Charlottesville. Becoming a lawyer in 1895 he began his practice in Lonoke County. Some of his major achievements include becoming a state general in 1895 at the young age of 22. This made him the youngest member to become elected. Robinson became the Governor of Arkansas for just a few short months in 1913 before becoming a member of the United states Senate. In 1900 Robinson was the first Arkansan to be placed on a major party ticket when he was nominated for the vice presidency on the democratic side. During his time in the senate he worked next to President Woodrow Wilson and progressed towards ending child labor law, wartime measures, as well as the declaration of war with Germany in 1917. Serving next to some of the most memorable presidents in history, Robinson once held a private luncheon with President Roosevelt in his home. 

Giving not only an accurate representation of the architectural style of some of the most prestien homes during this period, the history that accompanies the home is just as rich. Joseph Taylor Robinson made many efforts to help America progress in some of the most difficult times, this piece of history allows for guests to step back in time to see the home of one of the most notable politicians in Arkansas.

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