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Discovery Center Springfield is a museum geared for children where they can learn about science, math, technology, health, culture, and art. Opened in 1998, the museums features numerous hands-on exhibits and activities, giving them the opportunity to learn in an engaging way. The museum also offers a variety of educational programming such as outreach programs, parent/child workshops, and distance learning, where staff members go to schools to teach kids about a specific topic. The museum is the only one of its kind in the region.

Discovery Center Springfield opened in 1998.

Discovery Center Springfield opened in 1998.
The idea for the museum originated from the Junior League of Springfield. The governing body of the museum, Discovery Center Springfield incorporated in 1991. With the help of volunteers and donations, the museum was able to purchase three old buildings, renovate two of them (they demolished the third and built an addition in its place in 2003), and open eventually open the museum in 1998.
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