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Aptly named for its pair of chimneys, The Chimney's is a historic house originally constructed by Charles Yates sometime before 1771. It is considered one the best examples of Georgian architecture in the city and is currently home to a barbecue restaurant. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.

The Chimney's is a historic house built before 1771 and is now home to a restaurant.

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The property on which the building now stands was part of land formerly owned by colonial governor, William Gooch (in office from 1727 to 1749). Charles Yates, who was born in England, erected the building before 1771 when he sold it to Scottish merchant John Glassel in 1771. Yates was a mason and merchant and likely chose this location for its proximity to the river. The building features fine interior woodwork, particularly in the southwest room, which contains latticework window heads and a garland over a fireplace.

Glassel was a British loyalist and left for Scotland at the outbreak of the American Revolution and never returned. As a result, he may not have completed the house as evidenced by the differences in the woodwork. The house may also have been erected in two stages. After he departed, he left the house in the care of a relative, William Glassell, who remained until he died in 1801. It appears that John Glassel's agent then rented it until 1814 when it became privately owned. The wife of President Chester A. Arthur, Ellen Lewis Herndon, spent her childhood in the home.

In 1966, the Historic Fredericksburg Foundation acquired the house and rented it until the foundation moved its offices to the house in 1975. In 1982, a local resident bought The Chimney's and converted it into a restaurant. A series of restaurants have been located here since then.

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