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Oak Alley Plantation

Historic Sites, Monuments, Landmarks, and Public Art (National Historic Landmark)


There is an interesting history lying in the property known as Oak Alley Plantation, everything from slavery to a Yellow Fever epidemic. During its early years in the 1800's, this land was just a plantation, but when Jacques Roman purchased it in 1837 it began its journey into the beauty it is now. It took three long years to build the mansion that still sits there today and entailed a lot of hard work from the slaves who lived there. They built the bricks on site and Jacques had the slate for the roof, glass for the windows and marble for the floors shipped via steamboat. It was a long and grueling process, but in the end it was beautiful.

Aerial photo of the location
Photo looking toward the Mississippi River
Photo of the beautiful home located here


    The property was first purchased by Valcour Aime in June 1830 and later, in 1837 Jacques Roman, a man who lived on the plantation at the time, built the beautiful mansion that is now located on the site. Though it passed through many hands during its years it was finally given the gracious treatment it needed when Mr. Andrew Stewart purchased it in July 1925.

   The restoration in 1925 by Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Stewart was carefully planned so that the inclusion of modern plumbing and kitchen facilities would conform to the original architectural format. Before her death in 1972, Josephine Armstrong Stewart created the Oak Alley Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit , charitable, literary, educational trust, so that the mansion and 25 acres of grounds would endure through the sands of time. And endure it has.

    The Oak Alley Foundation was established in November 1966. In October 1978, Oak Alley became listed as a National Historic Landmark. In June 1995, live oaks that form the Allee leading from the river to the Big House were inducted into the Live Oak Society. Each tree was given a name honoring individuals who left a lasting impression on this national historic landmark

    It is now open to the public and can be viewed in all of its beauty through guided tours. While video taping and video streaming are not permitted, you may feel free to take photos while you are there.

3645 Highway 18
Vacherie, Louisiana 70090
Phone Number
(225) 265-2151 or (800) 44ALLEY
Call for details
  • Architecture and Historical Buildings
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