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A Fatal Shootout Marker

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Near this location on the evening of July 31, 1929, Deputy Sheriff Clyde L. Hauver was fatally wounded in a raid on a still near this marker. Police eventually tracked down several suspects, and two moonshiners were convicted in connection with the murder after several days of conflicting testimony. Tales of a double-crossing informant, a love triangle, arson, and other rumors spread throughout central Maryland. What exactly happened at the Blue Blazes moonshine still remains a mystery.

The Marker
Deputy Sheriff Clyde L. Hauver
Frederick Post on Aug. 1, 1929
The scene of the raid where the deputy was killed.


Deputy Sheriff Clyde Hauver, was shot and killed while conducting a raid on a large still in the Catoctin Mountains known as the Blue Blazes Still.The raid occurred near the present location of the Camp David Presidential Retreat.

As Chief Deputy Hauver and his posse approached the still their were fired upon and engaged in a long gun battle. Although Chief Deputy Hauver was mortally wounded, the rest of the posse was eventually able to make it to the site were they destroyed the still and several thousand gallons of moonshine. The suspect was arrested in Adams County, Pennsylvania, and charged with Chief Deputy Hauver's murder.


Susan Nicol, "Blue Blazes raid takes only deputy to die on duty," Frederick News-Post, Aug 3, 1998. Location and photo of the marker from the Historical Marker Database,

Park Central Road and Foxville Rd
Thurmont, Maryland 21788
  • Firefighting and Law Enforcement
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