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Fairfax Station Railroad Museum

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The Fairfax Station Railroad Museum, located in Fairfax Station, VA, explores the role that the railroad played in the development of northern Virginia. The station was frequently used throughout the Civil War. During the Second Battle of Bull Run in 1862, Fairfax Station was used for both the shipment of supplies and the evacuation of wounded soldiers. Red Cross founder Clara Barton assisted in evacuation efforts at this site. The Fairfax Station was scheduled for demolition in 1973 but was eventually donated by Southern Railway. The museum opened in 1987 to preserve the railway and area history from the Civil War.

Fairfax Station Museum
Fairfax Station Caboose
Fairfax Station: All aboard! by Nan Netherton-- See link below for more information.


Completed in 1854 by the Orange & Alexandria Railroad, the Fairfax Station was a pivotal railway stop during the Civil War. Fairfax was frequently battled over by the Union and Confederates. The Confederates needed the station to transport supplies and troops to areas they needed reinforcements. The Union saw the station as an opportunity to cut off Confederate troops in the North and South from supplies. 

The Fairfax Station was used as a medical facility during the Second Battle of Bull Run in 1862. Here Clara Barton, along with the help of other nurses and doctors, remained during the battle to help injured soldiers. Clara Barton would go on to create the American Red Cross. 

Fairfax Station is widely known for the large caboose that sits just outside the depot's doors. Exhibits at the Fairfax Station Railroad Museum include artifacts related to the Civil War, Red Cross, and railroading in Virginia. The displays housed at the museum highlight the unique role that the station played in the intersection of all three areas and effectively illustrates the complex history of Fairfax Station and the surrounding area. 


11200 Fairfax Station Rd
Fairfax Station , VA 22309
Phone Number
(703) 425-9225
Open Sunday afternoons, 1-4 PM, except for major holidays.
  • Cultural History
  • Environmental History
  • Railroads and Transportation
  • Science and Technology
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