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Cabell County World War I Memorial Boulevard: Entry 3 - Park Side Moving West, Robert Little to Herbert Witzgall

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This is a part of the "Cabell County World War I Memorial Boulevard" trail. For links to the other entries and trail information, see the links below. This entry corresponds with signs 9,11,13 and 15 on the south, or Memorial Park, side of the trail.

The 91 trees lining Memorial Boulevard were planted in the 1920s to honor the 91 soldiers from Cabell County who died while in the service of their country during World War I. There are fifteen signs placed along this trail that include information about each of the 91 soldiers. In addition to the digital markers in Clio that guide you along the path of these trees, that are eight physical signs on the south side of Memorial Boulevard and seven physical signs on the north side of the street. Users can review these physical signs as they walk, and/or they can use this entry and four other Clio entries to guide their path. More complete information is available on a separate website (see links below). This trail runs from 7th St. West to 13th St. West along both sides of Memorial Boulevard and is a 1.4-mile loop. The Clio pages are ordered to start at the 7th Street end and follow the south (park) side west and towards Harvey Road. After that, the Clio entries guide the user back and provide information about each tree planted on the north (railroad) side of the street.


Photo Fred C. McKeny
Photo Claude V. Mankin
Photo Kenneth M. Meadows
Photo Jack A. Morrisey
Photo Halsey G. Notter
Photo Alva C. Reynolds
Photo Earl W. Shank
Photo Harry T. Simpson
Photo Orbie Smith
Photo Charlie A. Stewart
Photo Dr. Bronson E. Summers
Photo Ora H. Watts
Photo Harold V. Weathers
Photo Herbert J. Witzgall

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Sign 9

49.  Robert C. Little; Information Unknown

51.  Corporal Fred C. McKeny; Born 14 Feb 1901 – St. Albans, WV; Died 25 Jul 1918 – France; Co. C, 4th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Division – US Army

53.  Sergeant 1st Class Claude V. Mankin; Born 25 Jun 1890 – Cedar Grove, WV; Died 28 Jul 1918 – France; 20th Co., 3rd Motor Mechanic Regiment, Signal Corps – US Army

55.  Corporal Kenneth M. Meadows; Born 21 Jan 1891 – Upper Greenbottom, WV; Died 16 Oct 1918 – France; 28th Co., Provisional Ordnance Depot, 1st Provisional Ordnance Regiment – US Army

57.  Private Jack A. Morrissey; Born 26 Dec 1886 – Parker Landing, PA; Died 27 Sep 1918 – France; Machine Gun Co., 319th Infantry Regiment, 80th Division – US Army

59.  Private Raymond E. Neal; Born 15 May 1897 – Milton, WV; Died 25 Sep 1918 – Camp Devens, MA; Base Hospital Assistant, Camp Devens – US Army

Sign 11

61.  2nd Lieutenant Fariss P. Nixon; Born 3 Dec 1878 – GA; Died 1 Aug 1917 – Huntington, WV; Unassigned - US Army

63.  Private Halsey G. Notter; Born 17 Aug 1900 – Huntington, WV; Died 21 Oct 1918 – Western Reserve Camp, OH; Student Army Training Camp, Western Reserve University – US Army

65.  Private Mark M. Payton; Born 23 Mar 1897 – Cabell County, WV; Died 19 Oct 1918 – Camp Lee, VA; 19th Co., 5th Training Battalion, 155th Depot Brigade, Camp Lee – US Army

67.  Private 1st Class Ezra Porter; Born 10 Sep 1896 – Logan County, WV; Died 21 Jul 1918 – France; Co. B, 7th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Division, US Army

69.  Private Alva C. Reynolds; Born 21 Sep 1886 – Addison, OH; Died 26 Sep 1918 – Camp Syracuse, NY; 1st Co., Casual Battalion, Camp Syracuse – US Army

71.  Lawrence F. Romano
Information Unknown

Sign 13

73.  Private Robert L. Royse; Born 22 Dec 1894 – Morehead, KY; Died 4 Oct 1918 – Camp Taylor, KY; 11th Co., 3rd Battalion, 159th Depot Brigade, Camp Taylor – US Army

75.  William A. Schafer; Information Unknown

77.  Private 1st Class Earl W. Shank; Born 20 Nov 1887 – Dayton, OH; Died 7 Oct 1918 – Camp Upton, NY; 7th Co., Ordnance Replacement Battalion, 3rd Regiment – US Army

79.  Private Harry T. Simpson; Born 1 Sep 1893 – Scottown, OH; Died 6 Oct 1918 – Unknown; Co. A, 2nd Corps School Detachment Battalion - US Army

81.  Sergeant Obadiah B. Smith Jr.; Born 12 Sep 1895 – Huntington, WV; Died 5 Oct 1918 – Camp Dix, NJ; 52nd Co., 13th Training Battalion, 153rd Depot Brigade, Camp Dix – US Army

83.  Private Charlie A. Stewart; Born 12 Dec 1890 – Lincoln County, WV; Died 18 Aug 1918 – France; Co. M, 317th Infantry Regiment, 80th Division – US Army

Sign 15

85.  Captain Dr. Bronson E. Summers; Born 2 Jan 1890 – Milton, WV; Died 28 Sep 1918 – Camp Pontico, VA; Assistant Surgeon, Marine Barracks, Camp Pontico – US Marine Corps

87.  1st Sergeant Ora H. Watts; Born 4 Feb 1890 – Crown City, OH; Died 1 Oct 1918 – Camp Lee, VA; Cooks & Bakers School, Camp Lee - US Army

89.  Private Harold V. Weathers; Born 24 Jul 1891 – Divide, CO; Died 28 Oct 1918 – Hansford, WV; Signal Corps - US Army

91.  Corporal Herbert J. Witzgall; Born 9 Sep 1888 – Huntington, WV; Died 4 Oct 1918 – France; Co. F, 318th Infantry Regiment, 80th Division – US Army

Memorial Boulevard
Huntington, WV

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