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Welcome to Clio in the Classroom!

We invite educators and their students to practice the study of history through Clio. Over 200 instructors at educational institutions across the United States are using Clio to teach important skills such as research, historical thinking, writing, and digital literacy.

Our suite of educator resources offers assignment ideas, rubrics, and other helpful handouts. We encourage creativity, so feel free to use these resources as a springboard for your plans. Please contact us at if you have questions, ideas, or simply want to share what you and your students have done with Clio.

What Can I Do With Clio in the Classroom?
Create a New Entry

Students develop new entries from the ground up and contribute to Clio's growing collection.

Edit and Expand an Existing Entry

Students find entries that need improvement, a stronger narrative, and more images, sources, and links.

Create a Clio Tour

Student work together to create a walking tour or heritage trail centered around a place, historical topic, or theme.

Where Do I Start?

1. Sign Up for a free Instructor Account

2. Integrate Clio into your classroom lessons

3. Utilize Clio's suite of handouts for developing assignments and helping students with creating entries and tours.

4. Share your finished product with marketing materials and press releases.

Instructor Accounts

Instructor Accounts allow teachers and their students to create entries and tours.

Instructor Accounts have two logins.

1. The Admin Login for the person who will oversee and approve entries.

2. The Group Login for anyone who is contributing content for your class. You share this password with your students, who will enter their names in their entry drafts.

Success Stories

Learn how other educators have used Clio in the Classroom!

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We love to hear from educators! Reach out to us if you have questions, ideas, or simply want to share what you have done with Clio.