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Reproduction boat shop based on Clark Mill's boatshop in Dunedin. Showcases boats and sailing history.

  • Clark E. Mills, Clifford McKay, and fleet captain Ernie Breen, Clearwater, Florida, circa 1948.
  • First Optimist Pram with skipper Clifford McKay Jr., Clearwater, Florida, circa 1948.
  • Docked prams in Clearwater, Florida, circa 1948.
  • Homer Mohr and friends sailing, location Johns Pass, Madeira Beach, Florida, circa 1910.
  • Clark Mills Youth Regatta with Belleview Biltmore in the background, Belleair, Florida, circa 1978.
  • Yachts sailing in Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Florida, circa 1930s.
  • St. Petersburg Yacht Club, St. Petersburg, Florida, circa 1930.
  • Crew building Donald Roebling’s yacht, Dunedin, Florida, circa 1935.
  • East view of Carlouel Yacht Club, Clearwater, Florida, undated.