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McMullen House: A Brief Introduction Construction Information  This is the second oldest structure in Heritage Village, built in 1868.  Original home site was along Rosery Road. The family moved into the house in August 1868. They lived close to Lake Largo, a beautiful lake at the time. The town of Largo was named after the lake, a body of water drained during the early 1900s and used by many farmers (including McMullens and Jesse Ancil Walsingham) as a site to cultivate crops.  This structure, presently at about 1450 square feet, includes additions made over the years. The original home, built of native pine, had two formal rooms and two “shed” rooms connected by a breezeway.

  • Daniel McMullen House, Largo, Florida, November 1985.
  • Daniel McMullen House, Largo, Florida, circa 1906.
  • Daniel and Margaret Ann McMullen, circa 1870s.
  • Daniel McMullen, undated.
  • Margaret Ann Campbell McMullen, circa 1860.
  • Daniel McMullen in front of an orange tree in Largo, Florida, circa 1890.
  • Charles Breckinridge and Mattie McMullen, Largo, Florida, circa 1900.
  • Nancy Ann “Nannie” McMullen, Tampa, circa 1900.
  • Daniel McMullen, his daughter Nannie McMullen Hardage, her husband, James Hardage, and two children in a citrus grove, Largo, Florida, circa 1905.
  • Adult children of Daniel and Margaret McMullen, circa 1920.
  • Headstones of Daniel and Margaret McMullen, Largo Cemetery, Largo, Florida, undated.