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In 1932, Corinne Melchers directed the construction of a charming summer house at the crest of the grove, where the Ficklen privies once stood. Inspired by a summer house she saw at Mt. Vernon. She noted in her diary, "I have seen the summer house at Mt. Vernon and I mean to have one.” It is quite roomy and would have been used for dinner parties in the summer. The ancient White Oak trees provide shade and the windows open up and allow for nice breezes to come through. In the winter the stone is warmed by the sun and with the doors closed it is quite comfortable even on the coldest day. The design for the stone structure may have been inspired by a building Mrs. Melchers saw when visiting Salzburg, Austria.

  • Summer House, summer
  • Summer House, fall
  • Summer House from the grove looking up
  • Summer House, summer
  • Summer House in snow
  • Summer House, new addition
  • Possible Summer House Salzburg Inspiration