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This was the site where the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity was founded in 1911. The founding members were African-American students at Indiana University. They crafted their plans for the future of Kappa Alpha Psi. The original site was a local boarding house owned by Mrs. Spaulding. Founded as Kappa Alpha Nu until a name change in 1915, they strived for excellence within the African-American community. This social organization was a place of refuge for IU’s first African-American athletes. The athlete members range from Eddie Whitehead to George Taliaferro.

  • 1911, 1st Grand Chapter Meeting
  • 1912. 2nd Grand Chapter Meeting
  • 1913, Alpha Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi

This is a site dedicated to African American history in Bloomington, Indiana. In the introduction section, we learned about Preston Eagleson. He was the first African American to play football and baseball at Indiana University graduated in 1896. The guide doubles as a walking tour though Bloomington. It shows the buildings that were historic to the African American movement. Stops along the tour include Kappa Alpha Psi, the same fraternity as Eddie Whitehead. There is also the Mays House. It is historic because black athletes and students stayed in this house before the era of integration. 

“IU Bicentennial Oral History” regards Eddie Whitehead’s tenure as a member of the Indiana University baseball team. His daughter Dawn outlined her knowledge in an interview about how she became aware that her father was a pioneer of IU Athletics. She expresses her father’s love for the university and how she bonded with her father at the school. She also talked about her father’s battles with racism in his playing days and dealing with cultural differences in the “Jim Crow” South in the mid-20th century.

The IU Archives’ collection of Eddie Whitehead images showcases first-hand accounts of Whitehead as a member of the IU baseball team. The images also show the viewer how times were during Whitehead’s tenure in the mid-20th Century as IU’s first African American baseball player. Images taken from 1956 detail Whitehead in a team picture, and a pair of catcher’s crouch photos. The images taken March 20, 1956 suggest that the images are during team picture day before or sometime during the season.

This was an important place of comradery. Between Mrs.Spaulding’s boarding house to the first house of Kappa Alpha Psi in 1961, the fraternity frequently changed locations. Which could serve as an appropriate indication of what it was like to be subjected to racial inequality. 

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