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The Anthem Veterans Memorial is a memorial made of 5 pillars representing the five branches of the military. Each pillar is marked with the seal of each branch it represents. Each veterans day at 11:11 am the sun shines through the pillars and creates the U.S Seal with the eagle in place. Located on each of the red brick pavers are names of service men and women who have passed on.

The Anthem Veterans Memorial is a standing memorial dedicated to each of the five branches of the military. The memorial is made up of five pillars with what looks like a perfect circle carved out. The pillars represent a branch of military and labeled accordingly with the appropriate seal.

 Each year on November 11th Veterans Day at 11:11 am the sun shines perfectly through the circles in the pillars to show the United States Crest on to the ground. The Seal that is shown onto the ground is a perfect scale of the actual seal. 

 The red brick pavers that make up the ground re inscribed with fallen men and women service members. The pillars are white and the blue sky backdrop represents the red, white and blue American flag. The memorial has been honored with three awards since it was built in 2011 the Arizona Historic Landmark Designation 2012 – Arizona Historical Society, Arizona Public Works Project of the Year Award 2012 – Arizona Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA) and the ACEC 2012 Grand Award – Best Engineering and Environmental Consulting Project – American Consulting Engineers Companies (Anthem Community Council)

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