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Only structure at Heritage Village to come from a location outside Pinellas County.

  • Abandoned Sulphur Springs Depot on original site, Tampa, Florida, circa 1970s.
  • Sulphur Springs Depot at Heritage Village, Largo, Florida, 1987.
  • First Clearwater depot, built for the Orange Belt Railroad, Clearwater, Florida, 1888.
  • Clearwater’s third depot building, Clearwater, Florida, 1910.
  • Atlantic Coast Line Depot, Clearwater, Florida, circa 1960s.
  • Paving around the Clearwater Depot, Clearwater, Florida, 1910.
  • Palm Harbor Depot, Palm Harbor, Florida, undated.
  • Palm Harbor Depot, Palm Harbor, Florida, 1906.
  • Largo Depot, far right, and tracks, Largo, Florida, undated.
  • Atlantic Coast Line Depot, St. Petersburg, Florida, June 1963.
  • Southern Express Company depot, Tarpon Springs, 1900.