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On the east side of the house is the Ficklen-era Long Walk, a boxwood-lined walk which runs north to south on a “fall” or terrace below the house. This terrace was hand dug, most likely by slave labor and was an expensive garden feature that signaled to visitors the important social standing of the estate and its owners. Rose arbors are situated at either end and are planted with Thousand Beauties and American Pillar roses. The Long Walk flower beds feature perennials of all sorts, bulbs, and annuals.

  • Long Walk
  • Rose Arbor
  • Long Walk flower beds
  • Long Walk prior to Gari Melchers' ownership
  • Long Walk, 1927, by Frances Benjamin Johnston

Most of the roses original to the garden were lost over the years. But thanks to Bill and Maxine Chandler, longtime caretakers at Belmont, some of the roses original to the time when Gari and Corinne Melchers lived at Belmont survived. Bill Chandler took cuttings from the old plants growing on the arbors and nurtured them in his own garden. His skill saved Tausendschön, a hybrid multiflora, and American Pillar, a rambler, which grew on the arbors at either end of the Long Walk.

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