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The Battle of Fort Stephenson took place August 2nd, 1813 during the War of 1812. Fort Stephenson was a supply outpost located in northern Ohio. After he was unable to capture Fort Meigs Henry Proctor believed he would have better luck taking Stephenson. Lacking the time needed for a siege Proctor attempted to launch a full scale assault of the fort. After being repulsed he quickly withdrew north back into Canada.

    The frontier of America during the War of 1812 was a constant struggle for both sides to take the forts and outposts in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Michigan.  With the local tribes on their side the British lead by Henry Proctor moved south from Canada in an attempt to seize American territory to claim as their own. His advance was halted at fort Meigsm, where after a short siege he gave up and decided to move on to an easier target. For Stephenson was the perfect target with only 160 me to defended after the army led by William Henry Harrison went south. 

    When he arrived at the fort on August 2nd Henry Proctor believed that Harrison would return to relieve the men inside. Fearing this he did not intend to stay for a  prolonged siege. Instead he ordered his 1,400 men to attack the Fort directly hoping to overwhelm the defenders inside. With a combination of close range rifle, musket and artillery fire the defenders of the fort were able to push back multiple assaults by Proctor. After suffering about 60 casualties Proctor called off the attack and retreated before Harrison could arrive and wipe him out.