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Robinson and Falconio are two of the three main residence halls for freshmen at St. Bonaventure. Robinson and Falconio can be found just to the North of the Richter Center and just to the West of Doyle. Robinson and Falconio were connected when they were constructed in 1954 for the price of $1,725,000. Robinson and Falconio were split into two separate residence halls in 2014.

Robinson and Falconio were constructed in 1954 as one residence hall for the cost of $1,725,000. According to documents found in the St. Bonaventure Archives the original intention of Robinson and Falconio was to serve as a residence hall that would house 500 male students. Something that has held constant with the residence hall since it's construction is the "T" shaped structure with three floors. Other than the shape and floor amount not much has stayed the same since it's construction.

Just to put in perspective some of the changes Robinson and Falconio have seen I want mention some of things noted in the university archives about the two buildings. In February of 1972 Robinson and Falconio had Television and Telephone services installed. In late January of My hope with including some of these notable events and changes was to put in perspective how not only the buildings changed but how parts of the student experience changed as well. An example of how students life changes overtime is the theft of a $350 speaker from a room in Robinson Hall in late January of 1980. Some point throughout the last few decades Robinson and Falconio halls became a residence hall for both male and female students. The technology and safety of the residence halls has changed overtime as well. Now each floor has at least to cameras in the lounge area and cameras monitoring the stairs. In addition to that, each building and floor requires a student ID that only allows students to access their building and floor.

Robinson and Falconio are now two separate residence halls as a result of a $7,250,000 project completed in 2014.

Robinson and Falconio for the 2020/2021 academic year will be residence halls for freshmen, both male and female. Each building with have four Resident Assistants. In addition to that the Residence Director will live in the staff apartment located on first Falconio. For the first time in years the floors in Robinson and Falconio will be single gender floors rather than mixed. Each wing contained a bathroom/shower area in the middle of each hallway and a lounge with two or three chairs and a few small tables next to the microwave.