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The National Civil War Naval Museum focuses its exhibits on the Naval fleets of the Civil War era and how sailors, soldiers, and civilians were affected. The museum uses not only hands on exhibits to educate those who visit, but also media systems and live performances of events during the Civil War. It is home to the only remaining Confederate ship, the CSS Jackson. It also is home to artifacts from both Confederate and Union ships. It is a very good place to go if you are interested in the Civil War and its Naval battles.

  • One of the battle reenactments at the museum
  • A view of the museum in the evening
This museum focuses mainly on the Naval events that took place during the Civil War. Reenactments of wartime events help paint a picture to the audience of what the setting was during that time. It houses many ship replicas, including a full scale replica of the USS Water Witch. Other replica ships include the USS Hartford, USS Monitor, and CSS Albemarle. Also included is the largest collection of Civil War era flags. (1)

The museum also boasts a timeline, which details naval events of the Civil War month by month. Events are held throughout the year to educate people on the history of the area and how Naval events affected the outcome of the Civil War. Tours are given daily to visitors, and periodically cannon firings and weapons demonstrations bring in more people to visit. It is the only museum in the nation dedicated to the Naval history of the Civil War (2). It is located on the Chattahoochee River, which was the site of Naval battles throughout the Civil War.

Overall, this museum is great for those interested not only in the Naval history of Georgia, but the Civil War in general. The interactive exhibits and replicas of ships give visitors a better knowledge of the history of the ships and battles fought on water during the Civil War. Special exhibits vary throughout the year to teach people about different people involved in the Civil War battles fought in the water. Since it's opening in 2009, the museum continues to expand its collection of artifacts and increase the number of replica ships that are housed. 
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