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600 Broad St, constructed in 1977 is a design by world-renowned architect I.M. Pei. Situated along the central axis of Broad St, this building is the only of its kind and exists as a component of a redevelopment effort throughout the Augusta Downtown District. Emanating from the building, along the same axis, are parking wells and plazas that span between the 600 and 1000 blocks of Broad St.

  • Early Development of Central Median
  • I.M. Pei Alongside a Scale Model of Downtown Augusta, GA
  • 600 Broad St

Architect I.M. Pei proposed his initial concept for the revitalization of Augusta's Broad Street in the year 1974. The original proposition included the removal of angled parking on both sides of the street as well as the removal of the right-most third lanes to implement parallel parking on the containing sides of the streets. There would also be central parking down the median of the street, for the sake of a more efficient flow of traffic. In addition to the 450-car parking plaza on the 800 block of Broad street, there were to be two 8,500 sq ft. retail spaces between the 800 and 900 blocks, and a park with fountains and benches on the 700 block.

Much of Pei's original designed sustained through multiple revisions. The park with a 21' diameter fountain resides on Broad street, the two retail spaces did not come to fruition, but the in-ground parking wells exist on each block along the median. Concrete planters lamp posts line the downtown plaza and contribute to the overall garden city character.

Pei's plan has endured forty-three years and continues to serve as an important component of Augusta's Broad street. 600 Broad now hosts a number of start-ups, an art gallery, and a community event room.

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