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Built in 1868, this is the third Methodist church building to be in this location. Located to the North and East of the building is the "Old Cemetery", primarily early Methodist citizens of Mount Pleasant.

  • D N Milner
  • J H Mercer

Our tour begins here at the Methodist Church. Visible on the north west corner (left side if facing) the names of many church members are inscribed into the bricks. Many are dated 1868 when this building was erected. Some of the names you'll find are J H Mercer, J Marshal, D N Milner, Delaney, J Wagner, and C D Mercer. Look closely you may find more!

Historical Society of Mount Pleasant records and onsite.

Historical Society of Mount Pleasant, OH inc. Accessed June 14th 2020.

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Jon-Erik Gilot

Jon-Erik Gilot

Jon-Erik Gilot