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Lincoln County Board of Education, established in the late 1940s, is the hub of activity for the school system. It may seem like a normal board of education but Lincoln County BOE has a unique history.

  • Lincoln County Board of Education
  • Lincoln County Board of Education Meeting

The Board of Education came under fire in the late 1990s because of the poor way it was managed. The WV State Board of Education took over control of the county board in 2000 due to mismanagement, causing uproar by the people across the county. The state board of education also wanted to consolidate the counties four high schools in to one school. The citizens of Lincoln County felt that important education decisions were being taken out of their hands. Lincoln County regained control over their Board of Education in 2013.


            On the grounds of the Lincoln County Board of Education sits the last remaining one room schoolhouse building from Cuzzy, WV. The building was moved to the site after its closure in 1976. They have used it as a storage building for many years. The board office was also home to Lincoln County Vocation School as well. 

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