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The Bronxville Women’s Club was originally as a civic organization who's original goal was to help educate individuals on the women's suffrage movement. After women secured the right to vote in 1920, Anna Lawrence Bisland reorganized the club in 1925 as a civic organization for the benefit of women and collaborating with other non-profit organizations. With growing membership, they decided to build a home for the club. The building was designed by Penrose Stout, a local architect in the colonial revival architectural style and was completed in 1928.

The history of the Bronxville Women’s Club was initially was called the Bronxville Civics Club with a mission to help in the women’s suffrage movement.[1] When congress passed the nineteenth amendment to the United States Constitution on June 4, 1919 and then ratified on August 18, 1920. The Civics Club then merged with a local Housewives League chapter to form the Bronxville Women’s Club.[2]The construction of their headquarters began in 1927 and was designed by Penrose Stout for its current location on Midland Avenue in Bronxville.

            The new club was founded by Anna Lawrence Bisland who served as the first president in 1925, and initially had 176 women enrolled.[3]Prior to the construction of the current club building, the newly founded Bronxville Women’s Club rented a property in Lawrence Park. The new club soon ran out of space at their rented location which lead Bisland to donate the location of the present day club. With the help of $50 donations by each of the clubs thousand members, the Bronxville Women’s Club was able secure a mortgage and break ground on their new location.[4],[5] When the new Club was officially formed in 1925, its objective was to further the education of women and children in music, civics, art, French, drama, and gardening, as well as, to cooperate with organizations such as the Parent-Teachers’ Association, The National League of Women Voters, the Girl Scouts of America, and other non-profits.[6]

            The Bronxville Women’s Club is still operational today out of the same location on Midland Ave. The Bronxville Women’s Club website recognizes the use of the historic location explaining that the Club reflects the opulence of the period in American history which it was constructed.[7] The function of the Club today is similar to what is was in the past as it continues to raise money for charities and philanthropic purposes as well as for the upkeep of the location of the club. The Women’s Club also provides educational and informative events with the objective to enrich its members in cultural and community which is done through art exhibits, speakers, workshops, and other activities that promote discussion. 

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