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On both sides of the road from Kentucky Road to just past Iowa Road was the location of the short-lived city of Minneola, whose developers schemed to make it the territorial capital. Elaborate plans (on paper) included a capitol building, meeting halls, building lots, and two railroads. In a matter of six weeks in 1858, a legislative hall, hotel and several stores were built on the site. At a constitutional convention, March 23, 1858 (a 24-hour session), the legislators rejected the Mineola site as a state capital. Minneola disappeared into history after also losing its county seat status after 1859. The old legislative hall was moved to Ottawa in 1864 where it served as a store, Indian agent’s office, county offices, church, school, and meeting room. It was moved to make way for the 1879 Peoples National Bank built at 2nd and Main, and later burned.

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