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This location was home to one of the nation's finest luxury resort hotels between 1892 and 1970. When the Chicago Beach Hotel was built in 1892, the property extended to Lake Michigan and included beachfront access. In the 1920s, however, a civic works progress moved the shoreline further east--a project that created Lake Shore Drive but eliminated one of this hotel's signature attractions.

  • Now home to condominiums, this was the location of the Chicago Beach Hotel which was built in 1892.
  • Susan O'Connor Davis, Chicago's Historic Hyde Park--click the link below for more information about this book.
The original 1892 structure was demolished in 1927, but the hotel itself continued on even after it no longer included private beachfront access. During World War II, the hotel served as a hospital for the army. After the war, the former hotel was used as apartment space before the entire structure was razed and the space became the location of the upscale Regents Park apartments and condominiums.