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Pat Masi, Bob Murphy, Tommy Dore, and Bill in front of Rainier Valley Barber shop in 1961. Barber Menzo LaPorte built this building for his barbershop. He had operated his business at several other locations in Columbia City starting in 1907, with fellow barber Lee Gardener. In the 1970s, John Wynn operated as Big John’s into the 2000s.

This building was constructed in 1926 by one Menzo Laporte for a total of $1,500, $22,000 in 2020 dollars, but was not the start of his career. LaPorte himself was a barber by trade since 1907, and worked with many different barbers in many different shops around Columbia City before building his own. Starting in 1907 at the age of 17, Menzo LaPorte would work well into the 1960s before finally retiring. The building is significant due to this long history with Menzo LaPorte, who was somewhat of a local legend, and as a representative of 1920's architecture today.

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