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Schools throughout Indiana have been struggling with the decision of whether to reopen and engage in in-person instruction or conduct classes online. In Perry County, Indiana, they have decided to take the risk to reopen schools. The school board has decided it is important to re initiate in-person schooling, and they have established safety measures to help prevent corona virus outbreaks in Perry County public schools.

Faculty member testing a student's temperature

Faculty member testing a student's temperature

 In Perry County, they have decided to reopen schools with safety measures in place. These measures include requiring masks and temperature testing students as they enter the school. These are important safety precautions, but many faculty, students, and teachers still feel uneasy given the risks of reopening. This particular issue highlights the difficult position many Hoosiers are in today. Parents, teachers, and other school faculty must weigh the risk of in-person instruction with the potential health risks for people students and faculty come in contact with. This is a unique issue which Hoosiers have never had to address before, and it shows how many of the problems Hoosiers face today are different and unique from the problems Hoosiers have faced historically. There have not yet been any outbreaks in Perry county schools since reopening. Despite things going smoothly so far, the threat of a potential outbreak will continue to weigh on the minds of faculty, parents, and students in Perry county until the issue of corona virus fades.


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