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Located near the Nicholas Gibbon House, the John Dubois Maritime Museum is home to a collection of 19th and 20th century maritime-related items. On display are a number of builders' models that show the plans used to build a new ship from the model itself. Also exhibited are tools used to carve ribs, planking, masts, and booms. The building itself was originally constructed in 1852 as a Presbyterian church.

View of the John Dubois Maritime Museum

View of the John Dubois Maritime Museum

In the heart of Greenwich, New Jersey’s historic district, a former Presbyterian Church Hall (constructed in 1852) now serves as the John Dubois Maritime Museum. The museum is home to a large collection of Southern New Jersey maritime-related items from the 19th and 20th centuries, including builders’ models that show the plans used to build new ships from the models themselves, and tools used in the building of said ships. Early marine engines are also on display. Videos are available, presented by the New Jersey Network on oyster schooners, as well as an interview with John Dubois, who donated a majority of the museum’s artifacts.

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