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Located in the Warren-Sipe House, the Virginia Quilt Museum offers exhibits with both contemporary and antique quilts. As the official quilting museum of Virginia, the Museum seeks to educate the public on the cultural importance of quilting throughout Virginia's history. The Museum includes rotating quilting exhibits, a Civil War gallery, and a small collection of antique and toy sewing machines. This location also offers a yearly silent auction where all proceeds will go directly to the maintenance of the Quilt Museum.

The exterior of the home

The exterior of the home
The Virginia Quilt Museum was started in the 1970s. Since its inception, the Museum has sought to display quilts that represent Virginia's history. Currently, the Civil War Room of the museum displays quilts and memorabilia from the Civil War era. The antique and toy sewing machine exhibit also remains on permanent display. 

The Museum also hosts multiple rotating exhibits and special events. Exhibits focus on the cultural impact of quilting, technological advancements, and changes in quilting styles through the years. Rotating exhibits may also include contemporary quilters from both the Virginia area and around the world. Special events are frequently held throughout the year.

The Museum is located inside the Warren-Sipe House. This house was built in 1856 by Edward Tiffen Harrison Warren. During the Civil War the home was used as a makeshift overflow hospital. George E. Sipe purchased the house in 1894 and built several additions. The home has since been used as a recreation center  and as a temporary courthouse. A small holding cell can still be found from this era in the home's history.