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The side trail to the north leads upslope to the Flagstaff Community Labyrinth, Sawmill Park, and the Sawmill Neighborhood. To reach the labyrinth, take the side trail upslope and take all lefts for 1 minute. To reach Sawmill Park, stay on the biggest side trail for 3 minutes. There is a lot of poison ivy along the side trail, but none at the labyrinth or Sawmill Park. At this point, the Trail crosses over Sinclair Wash.

After a thunderstorm during the July-August “monsoon” season, the water flow overtops the culvert several times yearly, eroding a plunge pool below. Eventually, a bridge is needed here to control the erosion and keep the Trail open during monsoons. Nearby Points of Interest on this side trail are Sawmill County Park and the Flagstaff Community Labyrinth.