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Before Emergency Medicine, Radiology, Surgical Suites, and 7 wings, there was a one story building with a sign reading: Madison Memorial Hospital. The original building, created in 1951, had none of these amenities. It sported a room, a doctor, and belief that people would be healed in its walls. The building saved lives not only inside but outside, when many locals flocked to the roof to avoid the Teton dam flood in 1976.

Madison Memorial Hospital 2019

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Madison Memorial Hospital 1951

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 Most of the memories of Madison Memorial Hospital have less to do with the original building and more to do with the expansion of the

hospital as it provided more services to the locals of Rexburg. Many

interviewees in the Rexburg area remember their visits to the hospital for varying issues, ranging from lacerations, to surgeries, to giving birth. For most individuals, their experience at Madison Memorial was painful, but some think of their experiences, like birth or recovery, as hopeful and joyful events. In 2009, the original building was torn down in the name of progress. You can go see the remnants of the original building, right under the new Neurology wing.