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After a disagreement amongst the Omussee Baptist Church over what the role of missions was, six members withdrew from the church and founded the Columbia Baptist Church. The church was organized with the help of Pastor Edmund Talbot who donated the land for the new church and had it built at his own expense. Not long after the Omussee Baptist Church dissolved from a lack of membership thanks in part to the disagreement. In 1859 a new building was constructed by Nathaniel Ferris Oakley just south of the church, however, this building was replaced in use by the current building red brick auditorium building which was constructed in 1885. On November 7, 1885, the church participated in the organizing meeting of the Columbia Baptist Association which was held at Bluff Spring Church in Henry County AL. In 1990 a historical marker was erected by the Columbia Baptist Church and the Historic Chattahoochee Commission.

Photo of the Columbia Baptist Church from 2014

Window, Plant, Property, Road surface

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