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The original barn associated with the Miller's House was no longer standing when the property became part of the Newlin Grist Mill park, so in 1986, a barn located in northern Delaware was acquired and rebuilt on site to help represent the agricultural aspects of the site in the 18th century.

Front of the barn--a wagon could easily be driven up the ramp and inside to unload hay.

Image of a barn with wooden siding and a ramp leading to the large front doors.

Rear of the barn--the upper level of the barn is cantilevered to create an overhang in the back. Underneath the overhang are doors leading into the lower level.

Image of a barn with wooden siding and a stone lower level, built into a hillside

When the barn was relocated from Delaware in 1986, NGM hosted a barn raising to erect the timber frame onsite.

Image of a group of people lifting the framing for one side of the barn

Next to the barn is an orchard with heirloom varieties of apple trees, as well as modern beehives.

Image of orchard with budding apple trees and beehives

The barn at Newlin Grist Mill is of the typical "Pennsylvania Bank Barn" style. It is built into the existing hillside, with a ramp at the front leading to the main floor. This level had three bays--a central one for the storage of vehicles and farm tools, and a bay on either side for the storage of hay. A cantilevered rear bay overhangs at the back. The lower level can be accessed from the back side of the barn and has stalls for animals. While it was common for livestock--especially hogs--to be allowed to roam in the woods for much of the year, animals might be stabled in the barn for a variety of reasons. Horses would be groomed and saddled or harnessed in their stalls, cows could be milked in a dairy parlor, and sheep might be brought in when lambing.

Historic Area, Newlin Grist Mill. Accessed December 17th 2020.

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Newlin Grist Mill

Newlin Grist Mill

Newlin Grist Mill

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